October 08, 2014

To my ancient native Colombians, gold’s bright yellow colour and reflective properties, together with its incorruptible nature and durability, imbued it with a special power and conjured a profound association with the sun.

Gold has been the sunshine bright standard for jewellery throughout human history. It is the perfect way to show and share love.  

When I started using gold, it was as gold plating on my silver designs. I wanted another shade to work with and I found that it changed the pieces completely. It changed how they looked, with the cool silver and warm gold bouncing off each other. It changed how clients thought of my jewellery too and that led me to experiment more with gold in my work.

Nesting Collection  

  silver and gold nest pendant

Contrasts, texture and colour are consistent themes in my designs. The peppercorns in my new Spice of Life range give the perfect platform to play with solid gold, silver and gemstones. Now you can choose from the buttercup brightness of yellow gold or the peachy tint of rose gold... mixed with the deep blue of sapphires, the perfect bright green of emeralds, or richly romantic rubies.

"A selection of peppercorns in both yellow and red gold, including sapphires, emeralds and rubies"

solid red and yellow gold peppercorn stud earrings    

And why Fairtrade gold and Ecogold?  Gold may glow but someone has to dig it from the Earth, and I’d like the story of its extraction to be as beautiful as the metal itself. Fairtrade gold achieves this.

Gold is an exceptionally rare element and is found in tiny quantities: you need to mine a large area to produce just a gram of fine gold. Often, minersuse highly toxic mercury to extract the gold particles from silt – mercury that goes on to poison rivers, fish, and anyone who eats them. .

With that cost attached and much land and water damaged already, it's vitally important to use the gold that we already have. It is available and – amazingly - much of the gold in circulation has been reused many times already in the 6000 years we've mined for it! (how much gold is there in the world) Ecogold gathers existing gold from jewellery, giftware, medical and electronics. It gives us the chance to meld and transform it anew in fresh designs. It offers an amazing opportunity to be responsible and fashionable at the same time.

Ecogold and Fairtrade gold are a lovely idea for a wedding band: you can share a little of your love with the people who’ve helped get the gold to you and a little with mother earth too.


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If you’re interested in making your next gold purchase a kinder one, I can help you create something special.

red and yellow ecogold roses ring, gold rose ring    

And Finally Have a look this video if you what to see what is one of the "price of gold" 


Ecogold and Fair trade gold is my alternative


Magnolia Restrepo 

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