Stories of the stones

December 14, 2014

                          ***Diamonds, aquamarine, green garnet and smoky quartz, peppercorn rings 

Precious gemstones add little highlights to my jewellery.

Each stone is unique.

It shines in its own way, it catches the light just so, it changes as it moves


I love offering a range of different stones. We all have our favourite stones and colours.

Gemstones are the exceptions in geology. Something different and unusual happened to create the perfect crystals that we love to look at. A crystal can only grow slowly and only if it is left undisturbed for eons. A chance encounter of the perfect conditions and the perfect mix of elements is needed before we can enjoy them.

                                             *** a large uncut Garnet 

Most stones vary their colours depending on what elements came together in a particular place. Rubies get their colour from chromium, Citrines from iron. Rubies and Sapphires are 'cousins', with the same base mineral but different coloured elements in the mix.

Each gemstone has to be sought out, dug out in small isolated deposits, cut and processed. They come from all corners of the world - here's some of the places that the gems I use commonly come from. No wonder we value them so much.

                                     ***A map of common places that my gems come from

I can create a range of settings and styles (Prong Setting, Bezel Setting, Pave Setting, Tension Setting, Bead Setting.Please have a look Settings & Finishing Guide - Stone Setting Methods, for more information.Talk to me if you have a taste for gemstones and I'll work on sourcing the right stone for you.

For your assurance, all the stones I use are sourced from reputable suppliers and the diamonds are certified to ensure that they aren't conflict diamonds.


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